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*stalks through a wide, pillared hallway, taking in the slanting light from the windows and the many places to hide -- a promising piece of terrain for combat training -- then sweeps out toward the stairs, on his way down to the Great Hall as the students pour back in from outside*

[[Filtered to Zangetsu's students]]

If you wish to refine your practical skills before tomorrow's class, meet me in the South Wing hallway on the third floor after the dinner hour. Bring your wand... and know your work. The conditions will not be easy.


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[[Woooooooooooot for character development.~ And Zangetsu isn't saying so, but students who take the extra training will get extra points!]]
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[[Filtered to fourth through seventh years]]

Today's Transfiguration lesson will be practical. Bring your wand.

The class will be conducted in English. I trust that will not be a problem.


[[Unexpected test today ftw -- I had to study more than usual yesterday. Forgive my slowness. And Zangetsu is being curt because during the Language Event, he ended up sounding like Gollum. Feel free to have heard him commenting on the weather, the food, other peoples' accents -- it wouldn't let him shut up either. XDDD]]
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*striding through the school with robes smudged, eyes bare, and a face like THUNDER*

If that trap is still in the dungeons when I get back down there, it won't be for much longer..... Three points to whomever returns my glasses in one piece.

[[Filtered to upper-level Transfiguration students]]

To make up for any lessons lost in the past six days, you will each meet with me outside of class and choose a new Transfiguration to prepare for our next practical session. Select one that you have not attempted before.


[[Filtered to Yoite, Gau, and Kaname]]

What is your condition?


[[Forgive my posting fail through the events; they just went by so darned fast!~ Let it stand that Zangetsu was around for the earlier part of the Alice in Wonderland Event, but quickly got trapped in an oubliette left over from Professor Jareth's old maze and has only just emerged, hearing rumors about students in danger too late to intercede.

..OH, AND: Zangetsu totally has more than one pair of glasses. So if you want to find them, go ahead!]]
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[[Filtered to Zangetsu's students]]

There will be a practical examination tomorrow. If you do not have a partner, one will be assigned to you.


*crouches on a railing in the Front Hall, the breeze from the open doors scattering autumn leaves around him, marking the teams he's gotten so far into a different notebook*
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*raises his head so he can see out over the fields to the mountains beyond*

..The wind is changing.....

[[Who wants to have a log? ^___^

Speaking of which, this crazy subject really needs more elucidation than Zangetsu's going to give it. XDDD List of stuff your character should be working on )
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Orihime. You may take your hat back now, if you wish.

[[Filtered to sixth and seventh-years]]

You must all have selected a partner by now. Let me know who your partner is, and what spell you will prepare for the next class. It is time to take your studies to the next level. Be ready.


[[Filtered to fourth and fifth-years]]

Between your next class and the one thereafter, you will write four feet of parchment on the spell you chose to practice, and exactly why and how it worked -- or did not. Come to class prepared for it to work. Only then will you succeed.


[[Filtered to those who have missed his Friday class because of Parents' Day]]

Meet with me in the Front Hall at ten o'clock tonight if you wish to continue in Transfiguration. Do not be late.


Private )

*walking with a measured step towards Gryffindor Tower, unaware that the near-invisible spirit of a beautiful woman is watching him from afar*

[[Clarification on Zangetsu's last post: students should partner up with others from their year, unless you're a VERY advanced sixth-year and are studying ahead. Transfiguration spells don't really have names, so just say what their spell will do. Have fun plotting together!~

..Oh, and those who WERE in his class on Friday might have noticed that he was wearing, without any particular acknowledgment or explanation, Orihime's spare pirate hat. XDDDD]]
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*upon leaving the Great Hall this morning, students will observe a white line glowing in the floor, with the word Transfiguration hovering in the air above it: a subtle hint that the class is this way*

*the line having led each class in turn to a wide, pillared room in Ravenclaw Tower, they are given time to disport themselves among the desks -- and then a dark figure drops from a crevice high in the arched ceiling, landing as lightly on the raised dais as though he weighed nothing at all, a wand clenched in his right hand and his left raised for balance and drama*

*straightening, he rakes his eyes over the assembly, letting silence fall where it will and finally addressing his students in a deep, rolling voice*

..Who here was present when the Dark wizards known as Death Eaters were able to invade this school?

In a world where nothing is sacred, only skill and courage will prevail. It is my job to make sure that you are able to access those traits. In today's class, you will study and complete three Transfigurations which are, right now, above your level. If you do not think that you can do that... today, you will learn to know better.

Open your books to page 523.... and begin.

OOC: skill sets for each year, etc )


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