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[[Filtered to fourth through seventh years]]

Today's Transfiguration lesson will be practical. Bring your wand.

The class will be conducted in English. I trust that will not be a problem.


[[Unexpected test today ftw -- I had to study more than usual yesterday. Forgive my slowness. And Zangetsu is being curt because during the Language Event, he ended up sounding like Gollum. Feel free to have heard him commenting on the weather, the food, other peoples' accents -- it wouldn't let him shut up either. XDDD]]
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[[Filtered to Zangetsu's students]]

There will be a practical examination tomorrow. If you do not have a partner, one will be assigned to you.


*crouches on a railing in the Front Hall, the breeze from the open doors scattering autumn leaves around him, marking the teams he's gotten so far into a different notebook*
*your name here* )

*raises his head so he can see out over the fields to the mountains beyond*

..The wind is changing.....

[[Who wants to have a log? ^___^

Speaking of which, this crazy subject really needs more elucidation than Zangetsu's going to give it. XDDD List of stuff your character should be working on )
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[[Filtered to all Transfiguration students]]

You who missed the first class: you will make up the work before our next session, or risk falling behind.

All of you... begin preparing the next Transfiguration in the textbook. When you are prepared -- and it will be soon -- you will be tested on your ability to bring it about.


*can be seen occupying a precarious perch in a window of one of the high towers, enjoying the warm summer air*

This place has changed since my day.....

[[Strike hackable by staff and whichever students have been particularly interested in what Zangetsu has to say. What would you all prefer -- a class post, or ooc comments saying how your character's going to do, or both?]]


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