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*lounges in a deck chair beneath a colorful umbrella, resplendant in a yellow muffler and dark orange robes of a distinctly fluffy texture, bestowing benign smiles on all who come within sight*

[[Filtered to staff]]

Please forgive young Gau Meguro his homework for the next day or so; the poor boy is going through a difficult time. I'll see that he makes it all up when he's feeling stronger.~


Now where did I leave that book... ah, it doesn't matter, it'll turn up somewhere, surely. What a splendid day it is, to be sure. There was a fascinating article this morning in... in... one of those periodicals, about Dark wizard attacks -- how very unlikely it seems, with the sun shining so brightly. I expect it was all blown out of proportion anyway.

Is anyone, perhaps, up for a game of Gobstones? Good heavens, I can't think why I haven't had time to brush up on such an important skill in... it must be decades now. Do not be too confident, though -- I used to be quite good. ^__^~

[[Egad, Zangetsu has gone Hufflepuff!!]]
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[[Filtered to all Transfiguration students]]

You who missed the first class: you will make up the work before our next session, or risk falling behind.

All of you... begin preparing the next Transfiguration in the textbook. When you are prepared -- and it will be soon -- you will be tested on your ability to bring it about.


*can be seen occupying a precarious perch in a window of one of the high towers, enjoying the warm summer air*

This place has changed since my day.....

[[Strike hackable by staff and whichever students have been particularly interested in what Zangetsu has to say. What would you all prefer -- a class post, or ooc comments saying how your character's going to do, or both?]]


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