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*striding through the school with robes smudged, eyes bare, and a face like THUNDER*

If that trap is still in the dungeons when I get back down there, it won't be for much longer..... Three points to whomever returns my glasses in one piece.

[[Filtered to upper-level Transfiguration students]]

To make up for any lessons lost in the past six days, you will each meet with me outside of class and choose a new Transfiguration to prepare for our next practical session. Select one that you have not attempted before.


[[Filtered to Yoite, Gau, and Kaname]]

What is your condition?


[[Forgive my posting fail through the events; they just went by so darned fast!~ Let it stand that Zangetsu was around for the earlier part of the Alice in Wonderland Event, but quickly got trapped in an oubliette left over from Professor Jareth's old maze and has only just emerged, hearing rumors about students in danger too late to intercede.

..OH, AND: Zangetsu totally has more than one pair of glasses. So if you want to find them, go ahead!]]
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*lounges in a deck chair beneath a colorful umbrella, resplendant in a yellow muffler and dark orange robes of a distinctly fluffy texture, bestowing benign smiles on all who come within sight*

[[Filtered to staff]]

Please forgive young Gau Meguro his homework for the next day or so; the poor boy is going through a difficult time. I'll see that he makes it all up when he's feeling stronger.~


Now where did I leave that book... ah, it doesn't matter, it'll turn up somewhere, surely. What a splendid day it is, to be sure. There was a fascinating article this morning in... in... one of those periodicals, about Dark wizard attacks -- how very unlikely it seems, with the sun shining so brightly. I expect it was all blown out of proportion anyway.

Is anyone, perhaps, up for a game of Gobstones? Good heavens, I can't think why I haven't had time to brush up on such an important skill in... it must be decades now. Do not be too confident, though -- I used to be quite good. ^__^~

[[Egad, Zangetsu has gone Hufflepuff!!]]


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