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*upon leaving the Great Hall this morning, students will observe a white line glowing in the floor, with the word Transfiguration hovering in the air above it: a subtle hint that the class is this way*

*the line having led each class in turn to a wide, pillared room in Ravenclaw Tower, they are given time to disport themselves among the desks -- and then a dark figure drops from a crevice high in the arched ceiling, landing as lightly on the raised dais as though he weighed nothing at all, a wand clenched in his right hand and his left raised for balance and drama*

*straightening, he rakes his eyes over the assembly, letting silence fall where it will and finally addressing his students in a deep, rolling voice*

..Who here was present when the Dark wizards known as Death Eaters were able to invade this school?

In a world where nothing is sacred, only skill and courage will prevail. It is my job to make sure that you are able to access those traits. In today's class, you will study and complete three Transfigurations which are, right now, above your level. If you do not think that you can do that... today, you will learn to know better.

Open your books to page 523.... and begin.

OOC: skill sets for each year, etc )
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*leafs through his pristine new journal's history of the past few months, his expression unchanging despite what must be severe temptation*

*sits for a moment in thought, ankles crossed in front of him, as dusk falls over the speeding train -- then writes the following in precise, deeply scored script*

Take note.
Transfiguration classes will be held
within the second terrace of Ravenclaw Tower.
Hours will be announced in the Great Hall tonight.
Be prepared.

*upon which, slipping silently out of his compartment, the dark-haired man prowls up the near-empty corridor, intending to get a look at his future students before they arrive at their destination*

[[Nope, Zangetsu's not doing no sign-up sheet. Since Transfiguration is a core subject for most of the degree programs offered at Hogwarts, he expects to be teaching practically all of you!~ Also, I'm assuming that those who were up for Transfiguration got the generic booklist with their Hogwarts letters for this year; unlike my other characters, he doesn't feel like personalizing that aspect of the class.]]


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