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Posts preceding this one were for [ profile] sortinghat_rp, where Zangetsu was a Professor of Transfiguration until retiring from that game.

[[This is Zangetsu's profile from when he was in [ profile] sortinghat_rp.]]

Name: Zangetsu
Age: 48
Wand: oak, twenty inches, dragon heartstring
Patronus: a raven
Animagus form: an enormous black wolf
Boggart: an evil version of Ichigo Kurosaki
Occupation: Professor, Transfiguration; Ravenclaw Head of House

Only three men living are aware that Masaki Kurosaki once had an elder brother. A genius with particularly strong magical abilities, he was separated from his family early on, becoming a nameless Unspeakable engaged in nameless research deep within the Department of Mysteries. Twice, after his sister married, he was able to see her and look into the eyes of her tiny, pre-verbal son, but the family was under strict instructions never to speak of him, and after her death he disappeared into his magical research, seemingly forever.

Then, outside and far away, the wizarding world began to crumble. For a while this made no impression on the secret doings of the Department of Mysteries. After a time, though, rumors of atrocities began to filter in -- new enemies with new tortures, some involving children. The messenger, Albus Dumbledore, brought a surreptitious proposal as well, tendering it to Masaki's brother like a stolen gem: teach wizarding youth the secrets that could save them from being exploited by Dark agents, and regain his lost connection with the nephew whose progress he had secretly followed for sixteen years.

Zangetsu is tall and grim, wearing dark shields to protect his eyes against a sun he had not seen in too many years. Long accustomed to secrecy, he employs cryptic metaphors for emphasis and will frequently lead others through strange paths of logic to reach a desired conclusion. Among his other quirks, he refers to everybody by their given names, because a surname is inherited, but a first name is part of the person who owns it -- a practice weirdly at odds with his forbidding demeanor. His great skills are in Transfiguration, invisibility, and similar wanded and wandless magics; he's also good at dueling and Charms, and able on occasion to defy gravity. He has little time for the softer emotions, but is fiercely loyal to those he trusts.

Shortly after arriving at Hogwarts, this silent man was given co-control of Ravenclaw House, sharing the title of Head of House with Professor Filius Flitwick. His methods of discipline are indirect, but effective.



Vala Mal Doran (Professor, Ancient History): there is something going on with that woman that Zangetsu does not quite understand, and that... disturbs him. Significantly. She nearly made his eyebrows rise once. That's how SRS it is.



Tomo Takino (Gryffindor): fell asleep on her textbook and was asked to stay after Zangetsu's class. It turned out that she had simply been bored. He finds this difficult to comprehend.

Rukia Kuchiki (Ravenclaw): adopted sister of the elite, pureblooded Byakuya Kuchiki, who has just betrothed her to another student in furtherance of a promise to his dead parents.

Fakir (Slytherin): highly intelligent and determined -- an asset to Zangetsu's NEWT class.


Ichigo Kurosaki (Gryffindor): Zangetsu's nephew -- tough, strong-minded, but inwardly sorrowful. Ordered by Dumbledore to keep their relationship a secret, Zangetsu watched over the boy but held the knowledge of his true identity back until a hallucinotory epidemic loosened his tongue. Now that the truth has been told, he doesn't regret it for a moment, and intends from now on to be a more active part of his Ichigo's life.

Rikku (Hufflepuff): rather distractable, but has a good mind when she keeps it on the subject at hand.

Orihime Inoue (Hufflepuff): doesn't seem to notice how silent Zangetsu is -- or, possibly, is part of a sinister plot to get him to crack a smile. Her most recent exploit was to convince him to wear a pirate hat on Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Shinji Hirako (Hufflepuff): missed Zangetsu's first class, and didn't seem to understand how SRS that was. The old man will be watching him.

Syusuke Fuji (Slytherin): a high-level student who thinks nothing of inhaling his sixth-year textbook before the first month is out. Zangetsu has decided to watch him closely if he's going to be involved with such advanced magic.

Fenrir Ragnarok (Slytherin): brash and careless, Zangetsu's vote for the one most likely to wreak havoc in the sixth-year class.

Raistlin Majere (Slytherin): quietly ambitious -- another one to bear watching.


Senri Tooa (Gryffindor): has a unique attention deficit disability which forces him to keep a book simply to remember where he is and who his colleagues are. After meeting the ghost of the boy's father during Parents' Days, Zangetsu has decided to keep a close watch on Senri as well.

Hiei (Slytherin): skipped class in order to avoid the ghost of his mother. There's going to be a story behind this, Zangetsu can tell.


[[Zangetsu, Bleach, and all pertaining thereto are the property of Tite Kubo, long may he reign, while Harry Potter and related matters are the property of J.K. Rowling.]]


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