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[[Filtered to Zangetsu's students]]

There will be a practical examination tomorrow. If you do not have a partner, one will be assigned to you.


*crouches on a railing in the Front Hall, the breeze from the open doors scattering autumn leaves around him, marking the teams he's gotten so far into a different notebook*

Senri; Usagi (fifth-year spells)

Leon; Fuji

Rukia; Tohru

*raises his head so he can see out over the fields to the mountains beyond*

..The wind is changing.....

[[Who wants to have a log? ^___^

Speaking of which, this crazy subject really needs more elucidation than Zangetsu's going to give it. XDDD Here's a list of types of Transfigurations your characters can practice on one another.

Fifth years: Conjuration (materializing things out of thin air) and Transfiguration of inanimate objects -- causing, for example, a bucket of water to appear above your partner's head (minus the bucket), or Transfiguring an opponent's clothing to make them fifty times as heavy as usual and weight them down.

Sixth years: nonverbal cosmetic Transfigurations; making opponents' hair grow so fast it obscures their eyes, causing them to sprout unexpected facial hair, or turning their skin green and pebbly as a distraction. The challenge will be accuracy and not messing up the spell to make something weird and drastic happen.

Seventh years: more drastic cosmetic Transfigurations... turning their partners into ferrets (unlike an Animagus Transfiguration in that they will be thinking on ferret level as well), or their hands into anvils. There will, however, be NO life-threatening Transfigurations (i.e. turning someone's heart into a stone, or part of their body into water which then flows away) without severe consequences; it is partly to avoid stuff like this that Zangetsu is so strict with his students.
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