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Orihime. You may take your hat back now, if you wish.

[[Filtered to sixth and seventh-years]]

You must all have selected a partner by now. Let me know who your partner is, and what spell you will prepare for the next class. It is time to take your studies to the next level. Be ready.


[[Filtered to fourth and fifth-years]]

Between your next class and the one thereafter, you will write four feet of parchment on the spell you chose to practice, and exactly why and how it worked -- or did not. Come to class prepared for it to work. Only then will you succeed.


[[Filtered to those who have missed his Friday class because of Parents' Day]]

Meet with me in the Front Hall at ten o'clock tonight if you wish to continue in Transfiguration. Do not be late.


[[Very private]]

So, Ichigo.... you have seen what these days might bring, and yet I cannot find you in your usual haunts..... Does the prospect truly fill you with such horror? Is that how you wish to remember her? These years without her.... what have they done to your soul?


*walking with a measured step towards Gryffindor Tower, unaware that the near-invisible spirit of a beautiful woman is watching him from afar*

[[Clarification on Zangetsu's last post: students should partner up with others from their year, unless you're a VERY advanced sixth-year and are studying ahead. Transfiguration spells don't really have names, so just say what their spell will do. Have fun plotting together!~

..Oh, and those who WERE in his class on Friday might have noticed that he was wearing, without any particular acknowledgment or explanation, Orihime's spare pirate hat. XDDDD]]
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