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If he comes... will we have anything to say to one another, after these many years? With her spirit standing between us.....

..His son has done them proud. Yet a cloud still hangs over his heart, as it never could have long ago, when....

He will come. And when he does... there are things I must know.

[[Filtered to 6th and 7th years]]

Sixth and seventh years, you will prepare for our next session by selecting a partner from your class. Choose well: for the next month, your success in this subject will depend upon one another. If you do are unable to find a partner, one will be assigned to you.


[[Filtered to Senri]]

Senri. See me after class. I wish to speak with you about your work.


*it's a quiet evening in the Ravenclaw common room when the upper-year Transfiguration teacher stalks silently in, looking over the inhabitants with a calm, unwavering eye*

*the new roster has been posted on the bulletin board already, so they should know... they're his house now*

*waits until his all-encompassing silence catches everyone's attention, then speaks in his low, intense manner*

I hope you all know... that if there is anything in this school, anything, that threatens to cloud your mind or hold you back from reaching your potential... you are to come to me.

[[Strikes = thoughts. During my absence (which is now ALMOST OVER), Zangetsu's class has been proceeding as usual, with large amounts of homework. Have fun choosing partners to practice on! 8DDD]]
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